About us

Providing solutions to problems since 1986, CJAWS Inc. has been at the cusp of change for a long time. Based in Ebensburg, PA, our team of skilled professionals work together with stakeholders to construct a collective vision, enabling an effective way to strategically use technology in their organization.

Managing I.T. is far more than repairing and maintaining an organizations infrastructure. Having in-depth knowledge of the K-12 environment allows us to purposefully and continually improve your technology foundations. Experienced in making responsible ethical and financial decisions, creating solid policies, and anticipating future trends, we stay ahead of your needs focusing on the operational and the instructional value of your technology. 

The Foundation of our Team

  1. Leadership - The driving force behind the technology with experience in ethical decision making, strong policy creation, planning, budgeting, and completing objectives. Maintaining a steady pace toward team goals while serving all stakeholders current needs and future plans.
  2. Educational Environment - Focusing on K-12 education means being in tune with educational systems and the instructional value of the technology, not just for the students, but for the professional development of all staff. 
  3. Managing Technology and Support Resources - Managing the physical systems and the data are just a part of technology management. Making sure that future-state goals work with current-state operations keeps growth seamless and up to date ensuring communication both internally and externally are clear and effective. Staying on top of financial operations, budgeting, and being prepared for disaster recovery are all part of effectively maintaining business continuity and technology success.

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